Victorian nights, intimate and romantic...
A small door at the end of the hall leads to a huge walk in dry storage attic above the entire back of the house
The A. C. Carter House has an interesting second floor layout. The hidden staircase behind the parlor door leads to a landing parlor overlooking the stairs from a turned post balustrade. It is an intimate area that Lurene Henry Carter  used for her study. It had room for her writing desk, bookcase, settee and lamp table. It has a low window that catches the valley cross breezes, and  a view of the blanket porch balcony  through the south bedroom door. A great place to relax, enjoy a good book, and just unwind from a busy day before your bedtime rest.
A half bath is conveniently tucked away in the former landing closet
adjoining the landing parlor.
A second  bath!
There are  two bedrooms  on the second floor of the A.C. Carter House, and they are huge. The south room has a door that opens to a private balcony overlooking Gohres Street. It is simply wonderful to sit out on a warm summer night with the breeze blowing through the Hackberry leaves, and the faint sounds of  trains in the distance. In 1888 this was known as a blanket porch, because it was a place to air your 'still too clean to launder' linens. Which is where the phrase "don't air your dirty linen in public" came from.
A private balcony...
Victorian homes always featured a dramatic and romantic master bedroom. The Carter's designed their's with a high bedwall to accommodate the elaborate headboards that were a staple of furniture fashion in Victorian times, and a very rare hanging bay walkover window  that provides a beautiful sunrise view of the river valleys bluffs. This intact and original feature of the home is one of it's most unique, and endearing features. The room is spacious , and bright.
A romantic master bed chamber...
We hope that you enjoyed your tour of The A.C. Carter House. In 1985, the home was crumbling, it's paint was peeling. it was overgrown with trees and vines, but we always saw it for the rare treasure it was and still is. It is a never ending labor to maintain, but that is a labor of love, because the A.C. Carter House has the heart and power to take you back to a simpler time. A time when people stopped to place the value of beauty in things that were around them everyday, no matter how insignificant or utilitarian, and with that, they  found the  joy ... of whimsy.